Get real practice
for your consulting case interview

Practico connects you to experienced management consultants from Bain, BCG and McKinsey for a realistic practice case interview.

Why Use Practico

Actionable Feedback

Our interviewers will systematically review your case performance telling you where you did well, where you could do better, and other strategies and answers that work. Their objective feedback will help you study smarter not longer. Know where you need to improve and why.

Realistic Practice

Don't go in cold. Your Practico interview will be the best simulation of the real deal you can get. Our interviewers were former consultants who know how to deal a case and grill you for insights. Your friends will take it easy on you or even lead you down the wrong path. Get real practice so you can be confident on interview day.

Save Time

Spend your time getting ready for your interviews rather than spending hours with random people on the internet trading practice interviews that are hit or miss. Practico takes care of all scheduling and logistics for you. Focus on practice.

Being able to do a practice interview with a real consultant is like doing 20 free practice cases. Trust me, I have gone through it! If you are serious about getting a management consulting job, Practico will get you there.”

Luke Ohio State

The critique drastically improved not just my case cracking skills, but also helped me build the confidence to consistently deliver a strong performance in my interviews.

Sophie Stanford Undergraduate Student